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A great start for west palm beach seo agency

A great start for west palm beach seo agency

Our sister company in South Florida opened its doors this last month, and the first project they took on was a Chiropractic website that needed a fresh approach.

Capstone Chiropractic in Jupiter Florida is home to one of the top chiropractors in South Florida. An award winning Chriropractor who also has a massage therapist and acupucturist in the office needed a website that was a step above what they currently had.



While curb appeal is not the only factor this website needed help with, it was one we wanted to correct. Our primary focus however was on the conversion rates the site should be able to attract. Small businesses in the health sector like this one need to have a website that can convert visitors into new patients. In fact it doesn’t matter how much traffic you generate to a website if the site can not convert those visitors it is doing something wrong.

So that is why Southflo SEO decided to build the site again from the ground up. This time with the conversion rate in mind the entire time. Making forms and phone numbers easy to find, and everywhere someone might be looking. We wanted to make becoming a patient a really easy thing to do.

Here is a copy of the design we settled on.

The site is war and inviting, while having clear calls to action on all the pages. The next phase of the project is going to be a full search engine optimization campaign, social media strategy, reputation management, and facebook advertising. Once we cover those bases we are going to experiment with SMS marketing and potentially a mobile app that can geofence special offers to nearby customers.

If you like what SouthFlo SEO is doing check it out on social media and let us know your thoughts.




Of course you can also visit the website at https://www.southfloseo.com/


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