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Small Business Lead Generation with Google PPC

Small Business Lead Generation with Google PPC

Google can help you reach a lot of people through their search results. Sometimes the fastest way to get your message in front of a targeted audience is to use Google Pay Per Click advertising.


Have you ever used Google for a search and saw a few sponsored ads at the top of their result pages that usually are marked with a label that’s yellow? These are their PPC ads, and they are an excellent way to get traffic because of the number of people they go out to. If you want to know how to use this to drive targeted visitors to your website, then read on!




What is the point of using this kind of advertising? When someone clicks on an ad, it takes them to your website, and then you pay Google for the click. That means that you’re not going to have to spend a bunch of money on ads sitting there that aren’t getting any clicks. You only have to pay when there someone interacts with your ad. This makes a lot of sense when you can get direct targeted traffic. Even if you have to get 100 visitors at $1.00 per click, it would be a good investment if that 100 visitors made a $1,000 sale. In that scenario, your advertising cost 10% of your sale and had a 900% gross return on investment.


revenue-memeNow let’s pretend the $1,000 service you sold cost $700 in overhead and labor expenses. If we add the $100 advertising cost for the 100 visitors, you had a 200% ROI. For every dollar, you spent you made $2.00 in profit. Many small business owners never invest in advertising because they don’t understand ROI.


They see $1,000 in pay per click advertising as an expense when in reality it is going to bring in profit. Good advertising is like printing money, the sooner a business owner figures this out the more likely their business will survive. Most small businesses will fail within 4 years due to a lack of revenue. Many businesses will never grow for the same exact reason. A lack of basic marketing and advertising knowledge is often a big part of the reason for this. Other leading factors are under-charging, under-delivering, and over-promising.



The Key To Good Pay Per Click Is Targeted Traffic

People are far more likely to click on an ad that has to do with what their searching for rather than what they randomly get on websites that know nothing about the person or what they are doing. Think about TV for a second. When you see, a commercial doesn’t it feel like a big waste of your time when you have no interest in the product or service? PPC advertising will let you take whatever the person is searching for, and if it matches up with what you are advertising, they will see your ads.


They Are Already Looking For What You Have To Offer!


Advertisers will enjoy the fact that the traffic is targeted. You can’t expect to get great results from places like a random website banner advertisement. These days even the phone book can be a big waste of money for the return you get.  It can take a long time to build up a customer base if you are not able to accurately reach out to your target audience. The biggest problem new and small businesses deal with is obscurity!


Build up a list of keywords you think someone would be using to find your service or product when searching in google. Your key phrase may be the name of the item and the city you are located in, or it could also be the problem you help people solve. It is critical to think like the potential searcher. Do you help people with their taxes? They might search looking for a tax professional, but they might also have a specific tax question you know people get stuck on. Showing an advertisement to help them with that problem could be another angle you can use that is not the traditional approach people often consider. Create your list of ideas, then you can use this list in the google keyword planner to find what people actually search for, and to get ideas.




The great thing about google advertising is that when you signup for an account Google is happy to help you over the phone to get everything setup. They are excited about new advertisers and will help you get everything working.


Google AdWords is a useful platform for PPC because users are able to bid on various keywords and how much each ad is going to cost when it’s clicked. When someone searches on Google’s website, they use software to look through the various ads and bids so that the software can then choose who gets their ad displayed. These winners depend on who is offering a good quality ad with relevant keywords and text displayed in the advertisement.


Watch your quality score!


quality scoreAdvertisers are given what is known as an Ad Rank that is a number that equals the highest amount the advertiser wants to spend times their Quality Score. The Quality Score is calculated by looking at your click through rate, what your landing page’s quality is like, and more that isn’t all disclosed so that nobody can cheat the system. When this is used by advertisers, those that can work out what works well for them can reach people for a price that works with the budget they have put up. Quality matters and it pays to have a good QS (Quality Score).


If you already have Google Analytics working on your website to help you collect stats, you can use a lot of the information it gives you to help you come up with ad keywords and text. You can look at the acquisition tab, and it will have another tab you can click that tells you what the queries were that people entered when searching that lead to you website. This can help you to see which keywords on which pages got you the best results so you can then turn them into ads that you know are more likely to work than if you were to just guess.

Here is a serious pro-tip. Don’t take this tip lightly as it could save you thousands of dollars in ad spending to figure out on your own. When you start your campaign you want to big high. It is critical you get a lot of click-throughs very fast so that google will determine your ad is going to make them a lot of money. When this happens all your per click pricing will get cheaper for the rest of the campaign. You should be starting any google PPC campaign with several hundred dollars to drive down your per click price.


You may want to hire someone well versed in search marketing if you are having a tough time coming up with keywords, or you are not sure what you should write in your advertisement. Companies that deal with online advertising as a business can often save you a lot of money by optimizing your advertising to be more effective.  You can also do some keyword research on your own by coming up with a profile of someone that is likely to search for your type of website. One example would be if you were selling women’s shoes you would want to think about how old a woman would be and what she would be interested in overall so you can think of what kinds of shoe related keywords she would be likely to use.




You can also do some keyword research on your own by coming up with a profile of someone that is likely to search for your type of website. One example would be if you were selling women’s shoes you would want to think about how old a woman would be and what she would be interested in overall so you can think of what kinds of shoe related keywords she would be likely to use. What brands is she going to type in and what styles? Is she going to look for reviews or articles about a specific pair of shoes? Will she be typing in the name of a shop that carries them?


Sometimes you will find there to be keywords that are far too obscure to do you any good. There are also those that are way too popular and would cost you a lot of money to use in ads because you would be up against big companies that will have access to a lot more advertising money than you. One good idea for a small business is to get a list together of words and phrases people would be searching for that have a lower number of searches and less competition. Better to big on a lot of phrases with low competition and cheap clicks than a phrase that costs too much to get a good ROI on.


Review how your ads are doing and shut off the weak ones that are not making much of a difference. Your ad campaign will do a lot better if you allocate all of your ad money towards what you know works or that at least shows signs of improving. Another thing you have to pay attention to is how well your landing pages are doing. If you’re getting people to click ads but aren’t making sales, you need to fix the website that you’re sending people to so you’re not wasting money and time.


The great thing about online advertising is that we can optimize the ads in real time, and the pages people land on just as quickly. If you’re not comfortable managing your own pay per click advertising, we help businesses all over the country. Places like Plano Texas, Richmond Virginia, and Nashville TN. We can help your small business with optimized pay per click conversion optimization and landing page design. We are also experts in advertising automation, split testing, and search engine optimization.



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