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Use Facebook Retargeting For Small Business

Use Facebook Retargeting For Small Business

There are many ways that Facebook Ads can help your small business to get much more attention online. When you look at just how many people use Facebook regularly, it is clear that it’s the best place to advertise if you want to be able to find people based on their personal information.


When you’re able to target people based on what they enjoy or through other factors, you’ll only be working with those that are the most likely to become customers. Learn about this ad system and how Facebook Retargeting works so you can boost sales in no time!




Over 700 million people are on Facebook each day, and some never log off because they have their phones logged in at all times. The reason it’s so popular is that it’s free, and people can keep in touch with everyone they know from various social circles they are involved with. This makes this website one of the best possible places to advertise because people are on there so often that no matter what you’re advertising it will be seen quickly. People fill out their profiles with information that makes it easy for advertisers to pick and choose various types of individuals they wish to run their ad campaign for.


facebook-eopleUsers often like organizations, hobbies, and other things they are interested in. Want to target lawyers with your advertising just show ads to the Bar Association. Want to target people who enjoy camping, just target people who have liked some of the most popular campgrounds, or who have simply identified that fact in their profile.


One of the greatest things about targeting is that you can find really specific niches of people that are far more engaged in a specific hobby or activity than just people with a general interest. You can even target people interested in your brand, or your competition!


Before you pay for any kind of an ad campaign, come up with a few example profiles on paper of who you think will be interested in clicking on your advertisements. Your ideal customer may be a middle-aged adult that enjoys video games and movies. Perhaps they have to like a certain sports type because you’re selling fan gear to people. You can also look into who is following your company page right now if you have a profile for it on Facebook to see if there is a pattern you can see in your follower’s list. If you don’t have a business page yet, you can check out your competition and see who is following them because it still helps you to determine what kind of person would be interested in your niche.


Don’t spend money advertising until you understand exactly who you are trying to reach


There is a feature that you can work with called Facebook retargeting. What happens is that you place a code on your website that puts a cookie into a visitor’s browser that shows they have visited. Once you’ve collected enough people, you can use their Perfect Audience feature to advertise to the list of people you are retargeting with ads that generally say something about how they visited before and should come back to finish signing up or to see what’s new. It’s a great way to get people to click because it’s going to target people that have before.


You can use the tools to help you create more than one set of ads. This is useful because you are able to work on more than one group of people since not everyone is going to like every product you have to offer. If you are selling an item that appeals to men and one that women would like more, create two sets of ads, so you don’t waste money or time on showing your ads to people that are not going to be interested. There are options to add more sets than two, so you can always target the best possible set of people that you know are right for each offer.


You should use specific landing pages built just for your advertising. Sending people directly to your website is often a mistake. Your website will have lots of different options for them to choose from. Think about the one thing you are trying to get the new website visitor to do, and that is the only thing your landing page should make available to them. A landing page created for everyone will work on nobody. Be very specific in the design of these pages and then test different versions to find a version that actually works.


These days most people are using high-speed Internet. The good thing about this is that you can now use videos to advertise with, and they won’t slow anyone down if they show up instead of an ad with an image. Videos should be high quality if you are going to use them and you will want them to help people understand what you are offering while providing them with some kind of entertainment. The more interesting and useful a video is, the more likely it is to be shared outside of your ads by people for free.


Have a budget put together and make sure you set limits on what Facebook can spend on your ad campaign. You can use their bill later option, but that is not good if you are unable to pay because you let it do whatever it pleased for a while. When you have a budget, Facebook will only put out ads for you when you can afford it and when you are able to meet the criteria against other advertisers. Eventually, all of your ad money will get spent but if you want to expedite the process you have to bid higher.


Come up with various versions of your ads so that you can try out different ideas and see what works the best for you. Text, images, and videos may all have different results depending on what you’re marketing at the time. If you are working on a new product and want to try to advertise it, don’t just go with what worked for you the last time. It may not work again, and it could even be that the cheapest option is the way to go this time around.


Look at your ads on various devices and through different Internet browsers on your computer. The key here is to make sure that all of them that you’re putting out can be read by your potential customers. If you find that anything is hard to read you can alter what you’re putting out instead of just waiting to see results that let you know that nobody was interested in clicking. ¬†You won’t always have an extremely successful campaign, but they can get better for you over time as you develop marketing skills.


Facebook Ads for your small business are going to be very useful if you want to reach out to a lot of people that are likely to be interested in what you have to offer.

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